Upholstery Services

Give your beloved furniture new life by reupholstering, rather than replacing them. Let Creative Home Fabrics revive your existing furniture via the following options:

  • 10,000+ fabric options available to match your design and style
  • Replace furniture cushions and springs with higher quality foam and springs.
  • Reshape furniture to update look
  • Re-stain furniture to look brand new, or change look to match home

Creative Home Fabrics can make your outdated or worn furniture look brand new, saving you money on costly new furniture.



Reupholstery of your furniture also benefits your quality of life and reduces  your carbon footprint:

  •  Memories associated with your furniture
  • High quality furniture can become something passed down to children or become heirlooms.
  • Save time from shopping, since you already own the perfect furniture .
  • Preventing carbon emissions of transporting new furniture from overseas, across the country to your home.
  • Saving space in the landfill by keeping your furniture in your home, where it belongs.
  • Cushions are made from petroleum, a non renewable resource. You can cut down on new cushions being made.
  • Hardwood furniture usually made from old growth trees. Your existing wood furniture still has life left in it.

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