Creative Home Fabrics: Stock Reduction Sale

At Creative Home Fabrics, we want to become a part of your story. Part of something special to bring you joy. We want to help bring new life to your home, with new and revitalizing the old. For example, a piece of furniture, even if it is old, you appreciate the value of it because of the memorable experiences you shared with the people you love with that piece. Keeping those memories alive while giving it new life, is something that we want to provide to you. From upholstery to drapery fabrics, to trims, and even upholstery foams, we have them all.

At Creative Home Fabrics, we value each customer that we have. Giving them the best materials, matching their own personality. We want you to grab the opportunity by shopping in our store starting this January 15, 2018. We will have a “Stock Reduction Sale.” This means that ALL in stock items are discounted 30% off.  Price range starts $5 – $40 per yard. And when you say sale, it means all items, everything.

Come and visit our store at 1535 E University Dr. Mesa, AZ 85203 or call us at (480) 733 – 8700.